Our business essential solutions had a cutting-edge advantage over many of the solutions which can be found in the market. 

Our core competitive edges


Easy adoptable.


Convenient for users as not necessarily to change the entire system.


Customisable to cater to all business needs at any point of time.


Hassle free as data from other solutions can be consolidated and managed to a single platform. 

Our Products

Manages finances of the company with accountability, including bookkeeping, financial statements, payroll management, tax planning, corporate tax services and GST filing submissions.

Effectively manage and retain talents with human asset management, human capital management and workforce management whilst providing a comfortable working environment to promote workplace efficiency.

Enabling companies to automate and track sales, cash flow, inventory, customers purchase history, and simplify operational processes.

Provide customer support, records management, knowledge base and other data required to keep track of customer related data, and to manage current and future customers.

Centralise your inventory with multiple sales channels.

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