Centralise Your Inventory With Multiple Sales Channels

Tracee INV Expertise

Service 1

Streamline Processes

With high visibility and accessibility of products, and easy management across multiple locations, and easy integrations with existing POS systems or other Sales Channels helps to streamline the whole process and keep track of real time inventory.

Service 2

Space Optimisation

Users can set up designated spaces for specific products that optimises routes for the picking of particular items, mapping the warehouse space, organising and tracking products as it moves throughout the warehouse.

About Tracee INV

Tracee creates operational efficiency. It allows management of inventory from one central hub across all locations. With high visibility and accessibility of products, customers’ needs and demands are better catered.

1-Year Subscription

For each CIMS Package, there is a limit of up to five (5) users.

Professional Services

Software setup and configuration.
Data migration up to 200 SKU items.


On application software

Product Features

What Tracee Provides

Stock Management

Basic functions such as Stock In, Out, Transfer, and Adjustments. Reporting and Audit Log.


Generate reports such as stock movement, available stock, stock valuation easily.

Product Management

Classification of Stocks by Bin or Individual Warehouses depending on business need.

& Many More!

Tracee INV has many other additional features that help you unlock your capabilities.

All Features

Product Management

Stock-Keeping Unit, Barcode, Alternate Unit of Measurements, Classification of Stocks by Product.

Stock In

Low-Stock Alert, Ad-Hoc Stock In, Stock Return.

Stock Out

Sales by e-Commerce, Direct Sales, and B2B Delivery Order.

Stock Transfer

Warehouse Bin to Warehouse Bin, and Warehouse to Warehouse.


Classification of Stocks by Bin, Outlet, Branch and Retail.


Option to Adjust the Quantity Without Changing the Price, and with Change.

Reports & Audit

Reports on Stock Movements, Stock valuation, and reflection of status of stocks based on availability. Security log is available for accountability.

Access Control

Role Management and Authorisation in the System based on scope of works.


Ready APIs for any third parties integration. If your existing cloud based solutions do not provide you with the access to their APIs, we can implement Robotic Process Automatic (RPA) to handle the integration.

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